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Q: I have checked all the wirings several times over, but why my lighting is still not working?

Double check the ground and always clean out the dirt/rust off from the connectors and make sure there is no pinched wire!!

For help with grounding issues, watch this video.

Q: Why only partially functioning; only tail light works, or only left turn/right turn works?

More or likely one of pin of the 4 pin connector (or 7 pin) is compromised. Make sure there is no dirt or rust at the contact. Insure a metal to metal contact between vehicle and the trailer connectors.

Q: How do I determine polarity of LED lights?

Not like incandescent lights, LED lights are polarity sensitive; works only one way and + - is not interchangeable. Normally, ground wire is white but not all manufacturers follow that. If one connection is not working, flip it and it will work.

Q: How do I trouble shoot trailer lights?

Before making the connection to a vehicle:

1. Test the lights before installation by applying DC 12V (such as from automotive battery).
Verify all the light works, be sure for a correct polarity for LED lightings.

2. Verify vehicle side connector (4 pin or 7 pin) is working properly.
One way to test is either using volt meter or test bulb.
i.e.) turn on the tail light and test between Ground and Tail light pin.

3. After confirming vehicle side connector and the lights by themselves, wire the lights to the trailer and plug in the trailer side connector to vehicle side, if lights not working still, it

Q: After changing to LED lights, why don't my turn signals work?

LED turn lights require special flasher. The old flasher relies on lots of current to pass through the flasher to work properly. Since LED lights use far less current than incandescent lights, the flasher thinks the bulb is gone bad, so it flashes rapidly.

Q: Do I need a converter? What is a converter?

There are two types of design, independent bulb and common bulb system. If you have separate bulb for the brake light (Stop) and turn lights, then you have an independent system. If you have an independent system, you will need a converter to convert the independent system to a common system in order to use trailer lights.

Q: Do I need to unplug the trailer in the water?

Yes. Even with submersible trailer lights, there are wire connections that are not water proof, such as wire nuts. It is always prudent to unplug the trailer light as being submerged.

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